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South East Rural Community Outreach (SERCO) is dedicated to historic preservation, conservation and enhancing communities within the Lower Richland Heritage Corridor. SERCO continually strives to create partnerships within the Lower Richland area to provide charitable, educational, enrichment, and scientific programs to strengthen and expand the capacity of the community for a better quality of life for its residents.

SERCO promotes the recognition and branding of the “Lower Richland Heritage Corridor” in partnership with the Harriet Barber House, the Congaree National Park, those sites and structures formally recognized as historically significant, and other agencies of a common interest. The Heritage Corridor continues to enhance Richland County’s inventory of venues by offering a variety of events that attract a diverse audience to the historical sites in the Lower Richland area.

If you are interested in finding more information about SERCO or the Lower Richland Heritage Corridor, please contact us here or contact one of the advisory board members directly.



RE:   15th Annual Swampfest

South East Rural Community Outreach (SERCO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving history and enriching communities of the Lower Richland Heritage Corridor.   One of our premier  projects that reflect our mission is the  Annual SwampFest.  a  two-day event in October.  We are celebrating 15 Years and are working to present a  dynamic event for heritage tourism in the Lower Richland Heritage Corridor.

SERCO has been the successful recipient of a Richland County Hospitality Tax Grant for the past fourteen years.  We have tracked tourists’ interests and resulting visitors from all parts of the United States.   It is most important to us to see an expression of our community’s support during these events in Lower Richland.    Unfortunately, the grant funds we were awarded for this fiscal year will not cover the SwampFest expenses at the same level we have had in the past years.  We are in dire need of sponsors for the following items and activities:

Main Stage

Vegetables for senior citizens



Carnival rides

Prizes for drawings

We would also like to inform you that all contributions are tax deductible.  We will provide a receipt for your donations. Also, we are able to make arrangements for pick-up of loaned or donated items.  For additional information, contact Marie  Adams at  803/788-7185 or marieadams@att.net.

Please donate generously and help us to make this year’s events in the Lower Richland Heritage Corridor successful and the most memorable.


Marie Barber Adams

SERCO Board Chair